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Who we are

Founded in 2003, SonicSolutions®, LLC, is a Massachusetts based company that manufactures and sells products to remove algae.

SonicSolutions® uses the resonance of ultrasonic waves to kill algae. It operates 24-hours a day, and each unit provides coverage for up to 8 acres depending on the site conditions. Multiple units can be installed for larger applications.

SonicSolutions® ultrasonic algae control uses no chemicals and has proven to be effective in tanks, lakes  and drinking water reservoirs and more. It’s been successfully used at power plants, golf courses, botanical gardens, water and wastewater treatment plants, marinas, and other personal and commercial installations.  It is even used in commercial fish farm ponds. It lowers pH and TSS!

It is easy to install, requires almost no maintenance and uses less than 10 watts of power.

What we do

The company offers both sales and rentals of SonicSolutions® algae control equipment and currently has thousands of units in operation worldwide. SonicSolutions® units are available in various power levels: SS-100, SS-200, SS 400, SS 500, SS-600. SonicSolutions® has been proven to remove and treat algae growth in tanks, reservoirs, garden pools and ponds, lagoons and lakes, and at marinas, golf courses, wineries, and at wastewater and water treatment plants. For larger installations, units are used in combination to provide complete coverage. The system is easy to use, requires little maintenance, and costs less to operate than a 10 watt light-bulb.

SonicSolutions® units have been sold throughout the world and are available in US 120 volt, EU/UK 220 volt, and 24 volt models, which can be powered by solar power. Customers include industrial users, power plants, private lake and pond owners, golf resorts, municipalities, and botanical gardens. SonicSolutions® is sold directly through the company’s main sales office and through a network of dealer and sales representatives. SonicSolutions® is manufactured in the United States and is registered with the U.S. EPA, meets CE standards, and is UL and NSF approved.

Also, available are accessories, such as: 50′ and 100′ Cords, dB Meter, Solar Panels and Control Boxes including mounting brackets and batteries-designed to mount on a pole, and a Sled Mount System for installing your SonicSolutions® device in a water body with a lining.

Golf Resort

“I installed the SonicSolutions units when my ponds already had algae in them. I was completely surprised how quickly they killed the algae and helped to significantly lower my chlorophyll levels! Being in the warm climate of Puerto Rico, I wasn’t sure they would work for me, but they succeeded far beyond my expectations!”

Gonzalo Vargas
Coco Beach Golf Resort
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

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