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Legitimate, reciprocal links among peers increases both party’s Google “PageRank” and search engine positions. Please choose the link below that best fits your links page. After you have placed the link, please be sure to Contact Us and send us the link URL so we can keep track of our links. Feel free to include descriptive text that we can use to create a link to your site, using keywords relevant to your business; this will help your site’s search engine position and of course bring people to your site from ours.

Any site that links to SonicSolutions is free to copy the following logo and display it on the web site.

Control algae without chemicals.

(1) Short version:

SonicSolutions’ ultrasonic algae control units remove lake, pond, and pool algae without the use of chemicals to kill algae.

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How to remove algae from pools and ponds? SonicSolutions’ ultrasonic transducers are ideal for controlling pool and pond algae. SonicSolutions® floats just below the surface, fighting pool and pond algae, water treatment algae, farm pond algae, fish pond algae, and even algae in irrigation ponds and lakes.

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