Maintenance Guide


It is important to keep the transducer head clean and free of algae or other scum buildup. We recommend that at least every 30 days you unplug your SonicSolutions® device from the power source, take it out of the water, wipe the face of the transducer off, put it back into the water and plug it back in. In most applications, once a month cleanings are sufficient, however, in a new installation you should check your unit(s) after initial two weeks to see if more frequent cleanings are necessary. Failure to keep the face clean will interfere with the ultrasonic waves and result in reduced effectiveness of the device.

Please follow these directions:

1. Unplug the SonicSolutions® power supply* from the Class A GFCI electrical outlet.

* It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you do not remove the SonicSolutions® transducer from the water before you unplug it from the electric outlet,
as this can result in damage to the transducer head and will void your warranty.

2. Once you have unplugged the power supply, retrieve the unit from water.

3. Wipe the transducer head with a soft sponge or cloth, removing dirt and build-up. In some cases with tough organic material or calcium deposits, it may be necessary to use vinegar or muriatic acid to clean the head. Do not use abrasive cleaners that would scour the head.

4. Place unit back in the water facing the correct direction. Make sure flat end of the transducer head (not the side with the cord) faces out.

5. Once the unit is placed back in the water you may plug the SonicSolutions® power supply back into the GFCI outlet.

Please read and follow all of the directions in the Owner’s Manual.