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Complete coverage, low maintenance

Using less than 10 watts of power, SonicSolutions® floats just below the surface, controlling pool and pond algae, water treatment algae, farm pond algae, fish pond algae, and even algae in irrigation ponds and pools. The device works 24 hours a day, requires little maintenance, with no need to measure and apply toxic chemicals.

The SonicSolutions® algae control device emits ultrasonic waves that “fan out” at approximately 180° from the front of the transducer (see figure 1). Range and coverage area are dependant on the local conditions, including the distance to the site from the equator and nutrient loading. Units can be used in combination to provide complete coverage of large installations. Download a SonicSolutions® Specifications Sheet in PDF format for specific details and information in selecting the model that is ideal for your personal needs.

“We installed a SonicSolutions model SS-500 in our dock area. After just over two weeks the results in the immediate area were extraordinary with areas further out taking somewhat longer but achieving the same result. The SonicSolution system eliminated the algae while causing no harm to any of the fish and other wildlife in the area tested and our club was very pleased with the results.”

Michael Kellstrand
Member, Willow Bank Yacht Club, Cazenovia, NY

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How It Works

Eliminate algae in pools, ponds, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs and tanks.

Wondering how to remove algae from your water without expensive toxic chemicals? SonicSolutions® is the answer. SonicSolutions® eliminates your algae problems by using a technology that kills existing algae and controls future growth. The submerged ultrasonic transducer is programmed to generate the precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that destroys algae’s cellular functioning and structure.

Depending on site conditions, initial results can be seen within two weeks of installation. Over a period of an additional 6 to 12 weeks, SonicSolutions® will kill the algae that subsequently bloom from the algae spores that are present in the water. After 12 weeks, the device will continue to keep your water basin clear with 24-hour, low-cost, low-maintenance algae control. SonicSolutions® is completely chemical-free, can help lower pH and TSS, and is registered with the USEPA.

Easy to Install and Maintain


The SonicSolutions® Algae Control device emits ultrasonic waves that “fan out” at approximately 180℉ from the front of the transducer (see Figure 1). The nutrient level, turbidity, shape of the body of water and the closeness to the equator may affect the coverage area. The potential coverage for the SS 400 model can be as much as 1.5 acres and for the SS 500 model up to 6 acres.

Set up your device to provide the optimal exposure of the ultrasonic waves to the body of water you are treating. Place close to the edge as sonic waves extend only in front of the transducer unit. Large installations and certain shapes of ponds or lakes may require installation of more than one device. Multiple devices can be installed at opposite sides of a lake or pond or attached together pointing in different directions, depending on your site requirements.

The SonicSolutions® device, like all ultrasonic devices, is a “line of sight” technology. Ultrasonic sound waves will not go around corners or navigate around islands that may be in your body of water. Ultrasonic sound waves reflect or bounce off of hard surroundings, such as concrete, rip-rap, and large rocks (see Figure 3).

FREE site-plan assistance for optimal results SonicSolutions® units can be installed at the edge of the water body or can be anchored together at the center, allowing for complete coverage of ponds, pools and lagoons of all sizes and shapes. Based on the size and shape of the body of water in question, our sales representatives will help determine the number and configuration of units needed to control your algae problem.

Need help? For FREE placement assistance FAX us a site-plan of your water site to: 413-247-9401. Make sure that your site-plan includes accurate dimensions and shape configurations of your water site.