Reference Guide


To ensure that every customer is aware of what to expect using the SonicSolutions device for pool, lake, or pond algae control, we are providing this simple guideline for you:


Typically, you will start to see a significant change in the pond algae color in 3 to 4 weeks or less. In a water body with thick algae, and/or high nutrient levels, a complete kill may take as long as 4 to 5 weeks. During this time, as the algae dies, it will turn brown and may remain floating on the surface. We recommend removing the dead brown algae from your water.

BLOOMS may occur due to spores on the bottom

After the initial lake or pond algae killed and the water appears clear, you may get a secondary algae bloom. This may happen because as your SonicSolutions® device clears the water, sunlight can finally reach the bottom of the body of water and may germinate the algae spores on the bottom that previously had not received sufficient sunlight. Do not be concerned. Leave your SonicSolutions device in the water and it will kill and control the secondary bloom as well. This kill/bloom sequence may repeat two or three times as the “reservoir” of spores is exhausted. After that, the water should stay clear. Major rain events can sometimes reintroduce spores which will result in an algae bloom. Leave the SonicSolutions device in place and it will kill subsequent blooms.


The SonicSolutions® device, used in koi ponds, fish farms and in aquaculture, produces a range of ultrasonic frequencies that target blue/green and filamentous algae. It is not effective on aquatic plants, such as duckweed, water meal, eelgrass, milfoil, and chara.


How to clear up a pond with obstacles. The SonicSolutions® device, like all ultrasonic devices, is a “line of sight” technology. Ultrasonic sound waves will not go around corners or navigate around islands that may be in your body of water. Ultrasonic sound waves reflect or bounce off of hard surroundings, such as concrete, rip-rap, and large rocks. To clear up a pond with such obstacles will require placing additional units so all areas can be reached.


The SonicSolutions® device has two lights on the power supply box, which indicates that the unit is operating. There should be one green light continuously on and one green light blinking. These two lights require positive feedback from the transducer in the water and show you that the SonicSolutions® device is working properly. The constant on green light indicates that the transducer is receiving power. The blinking green light indicates that your transducer is actively generating an ultrasonic signal and sending it out into the water. It will blink every other second on average.


We recommend that at least every 30 days you unplug your SonicSolutions® device, take it out of the water, wipe the face of the transducer off, put it back into the water and plug it back in.
WARNING: DO NOT operate device out of the water. This will result in the deforming of transducer head and will void your warranty.