“The Lanai Water Company was having problems with blue-green algae in its 15 MG brackish water reservoir. Algae blooms would cause problems with the transmission and irrigation system valves and clog filters and drip irrigation systems. We investigated solutions from large filter systems to reservoir covers that cost $500,000 to $1 million dollars. When I saw the SonicSolutions/South Santee booth at the AWWA ACE exhibits I investigated further and decided to try this solution. We did not have power at the site so we purchased a solar powered unit. It works!!

We had a problem in the beginning on proper maintenance of the head and cleaning the mineral deposits monthly, but after working with SonicSolutions on the proper maintenance for our brackish water we have seen great results in water clarity and have had zero blooms.”

John Stubbart
Director of Utilities
Castle & Cooke
Lanai City, Hawaii


Public Utilities

“The technology is too compelling to ignore. We purchased two units after the trial period after experiencing less buildup with summer algae on basin walls (we were using comparative controls). We are looking forward to the future purchases of more units to outfit all our water treatment sedimentation basins.”

Scotty Boggs
Water Treatment Plant Manager
Searcy, AR



“The Town of Keenesburg has been using SonicSolutions equipment in our lagoons for treatment of algae for the past two years. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the units, and have been able to cut out lagoon treatment labor hours by fifty percent since installing these units. SonicSolutions has delivered on what was promised, and the Town of Keenesburg is happy to recommend SonicSolutions.”

Marc Johns
Town of Keensburg
140 S. Main Street
Keenesburg, CO


Golf Course
Golf Course

“We installed one of your Sonic Solutions ultrasonic algae eliminators in our largest pond…we discontinued the use of chemical algaecides in that pond. Within a week or two after start up, the algae in the pond died. Since then, the pond has remained algae free. During this same period, we continued to treat our other ponds with the usual algaecides. It’s fantastic that your Sonic Solutions unit has kept the pond on the 13th the cleanest of our six ponds and has done so without the use of any chemical algaecides. I would be happy to provide a reference to any potential Sonic Solutions customers. I am very pleased that the Sonic Solutions unit offers us a way to kill algae, and prevent its return, without chemicals.”

Michael Jr. Rohwer
Golf Course Superintendent
Shadowridge Country Club
Vista, CA


Golf Club
Celebrity Golf Course

“All of us at the Indian Wells Golf Club are very pleased with our SonicSolutions algae control devises. Although we were initially skeptical that the devices would work, since we installed the SonicSolutions algae control devises, we have not needed to use any chemicals for algae control in our ponds –even through the hottest months of the summer! Today, we have 21 SonicSolutions units, including 12 solar powered models, controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in a environmentally responsible way.”

Rich Carter, General Manager
Indian Wells Golf Club
Indian Wells, CA


Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste Water Treatment

“Crikey, Sonic Solutions not only cleaned up the blue green algae, it also cleaned up the shells of the turtles in the pond!”

Col Stanger
Supervisor of Wastewater Treatment
Calliope Shire
Central Queensland, Australia


I wish I had some pictures to show

“I wish I had some pictures to show, we purchased new SonicSolutions’ units for two of our small ponds… each about two acres. Well, after about 5 weeks the pond was totally clear. Previous to this it was a solid green color and horrible. I would totally recommend this product and will be purchasing more next year.”

Ted Dale
Todd Creek Village Metro District
Brighton, CO 80602



“On the 25th of July we installed a SonicSolutions model SS-500 in our dock area. After just over two weeks the results in the immediate area were extraordinary with areas further out taking somewhat longer but achieving the same result. The SonicSolution system eliminated the algae while causing no harm to any of the fish and other wildlife in the area tested and our club was very pleased with the results.”

Michael Kellstrand
Member, Willow Bank Yacht Club
Cazenovia , NY


Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

“In 2001 at Winterthur, An American Country Estate, we tested and subsequently purchased two SonicSolutions units for use in our irrigation pond and pump house tank. The result has been a great reduction in algae and the need for application of algaecides. The SonicSolutions units have performed well in controlling algae and have proved cost effective compared to the labor and chemical costs of our previous algae control efforts. Thank you SonicSolutions!”

Marlin Dise
Horticultural Maintenance Supervisor
James Smith
Horticultural Supervisor
Winterthur, Delaware


Golf Course
Golf Resort

“I installed the SonicSolutions units when my ponds already had algae in them. I was completely surprised how quickly they killed the algae and helped to significantly lower my chlorophyll levels! Being in the warm climate of Puerto Rico, I wasn’t sure they would work for me, but they succeeded far beyond my expectations!”

Gonzalo Vargas
Coco Beach Golf Resort
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico


Golf Course
Country Club
Wildwood Country Club, Louisville, KY


Golf Course
Country Club

“SonicSolutions is a major component of our pond management strategy. For the past several years our irrigation pond has stayed algae free. SonicSolutions has helped us obtain certification status with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.”

Matt Ceplo
Golf Course Superintendent
Rockland Country Club
Rockland, NY



“SonicSolutions is a great way to control algae without introducing chemicals into the vineyard environment.”

Chris Benziger
Benziger Family Winery
Glen Ellen, CA


Trout Farm

“Our farm has a couple medium-sized trout ponds, which we stock annually with a couple hundred rainbow and golden trout. Both ponds are subject to significant algal blooms in the summer, which if left untreated, threatens the health of the trout. Historically, we have mitigated the algae with AquaShad or similar dye products, which seem to work. However, we were always a bit embarrassed by the ‘tidy bowl’ tint to our pond…We installed the SonicSolutions algae control device in the Spring and within weeks, the pond was clearer than we had ever seen it before—we could literally count the golden trout at the bottom of the 14-foot pond. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones that could now see those tasty trout—our pond is now home to some well-fed blue heron and bald eagles!

We are a testament to, not only the success of the SonicSolutions ultrasonic device, but the passion and dedication of the SonicSolutions staff, who continue to provide advice and assistance to help us optimize our system. We strongly recommend SonicSolutions.

Jude Grounds
Wright-Ground Tree Farm
Rainier, OR


Before-After Photos From Lake Doctors

“The Lake Doctors, Inc., was having some trouble with a high profile pond in Destin, Florida… SonicsSolutions claimed to have a device that may help. The device is a sonic impulse transmitter delivering impulses into the water to break down the cells of the algae thereby killing the plant. Well, we were all skeptical when we installed the unit into this Destin pond…We checked the results of the device and to our surprise this pond was perfectly clean….The results from the SonicSolutions device were truly very good. We have tried many new products over the years but this device really seems to be a useful tool in the war on algae. The device is very easy to install, only needs a 120V outlet, and is surprisingly small, so is not highly visible to the average passer by!”

Matthew T. Scott
Regional Manager, The Lake Doctors, Inc.
Destin, FL


Waste Water Stabilization Pond

“Comer has a one acre stabilization pond and algae in the effluent was determined to be a significant contribution to our seasonal high effluent BOD5 results. (With SonicSolutions)…we have significantly improved our wastewater discharge lab results. Before the device a good BOD5 result was in the 20s (our permit limit is 30). Now it’s not uncommon for us to get single digit results.”

Stephen H. Sorrells, City Clerk
Comer, Georgia


Fish Pond
Koi swimming in pond.

“I currently own a SonicSolution #400…I am so pleased with your product that I feel compelled to share my positive experiences with you. This personal testimony is reflective not only of the quality of your product but also of the sincere satisfaction of this customer.

In 1987 I created a half acre pond on my property and stocked it with blue gill, bass, and Koi. The Koi were unable to adequately control an algae problem and so I resorted to using algaecides along with pond dyes. The pond dyes are chemically inert and are designed to limit the amount of UV rays that would stimulate algal blooms. The cost of the chemicals and dyes ran about $500 per year.

However, I love my pond fish and I was not comfortable with the potential environmental impact of the algaecides that I was using. In 2004, though a tad skeptical, I did decide to try the Sonic Solution, model SS 400. To my delight the algae problem was solved and my Sonic Solution has been in operation ever since.

My fish have their spring babies and the heron comes and dines……keeping the fish population under control, while the marvelous Sonic Solution does its part for the algae. My pond is so beautiful that people driving by stop to take pictures of it and city folks who visit, and are loathe to swim in a country pond, jump right in.

I went on a 2 week vacation, concerned about potential electrical storms, I unplugged the unit. Upon my return, my pond was already turning a slight green…vivid testimony to the effectiveness of the SS400. My fish and I thank you for this most unique invention and wish you many years of future “chemical to sonic” converts.”

Ellie Lowell
Willington, CT



“I am writing you to express our gratitude for your guidance and assistance with eliminating our neighborhood’s lake algae problem. As you are aware, our lake is a detention pool for the “Blue Line” stream that passes 1,200 or so homes upstream and eventually flows into the Kentucky River. The nutrients that wash into our lake following large rains create an outright algae explosion…Previous to the success of Sonic Solution devices our only option (an unacceptable one) for arresting algae would have been introducing chemicals to the lake.

Thank you for assisting Woodfield Neighborhood in our efforts to manage our park lake in an effective, ecologically friendly manner.”

Don Oschwald
Director/Past President
Woodfield Homes Association


Country Club

“SonicSolutions was not only the most environmentally friendly way to rid our pond of algae, it was also the most cost-effective, too.”

Phillip J. White
Crofton Country Club
Crofton, MD


Golf Course

“We are extremely happy with our SonicSolutions devices. Our algae problem was quite extreme and the results were both immediate and long lasting.”

Bob Gibson
Snowcreek Golf Course
Mammoth Lakes, CA


Water Treatment Plant Producing Drinking Water

Drinking Water Jug

“A SonicSolutions’ system was installed at one of our surface water treatment plants producing drinking water. The device controlled algae growth on the walls of the sedimentation basin after discontinuing the pre-chlorine step to reduce the formation of disinfection by products during water treatment. It was a successful treatment change.”

Christian J. Volk
Virginia-American Water


Raw Water Retention Ponds

“Eston has been using a couple of SonicSolutions’ SS-500s in our raw water retention ponds for three years. We previously spent $4,000/year on copper sulphate. We have spent ZERO in the last three years and we have noticed an improvement in raw water turbidity. Very little maintenance has been required, as well. One time the SS-500 came loose from its support and was pointing into the mud and we got an algae bloom!”

Jim Meyer, Eston Town Forman
Eston, Saskatchewan, CANADA


Golf Course
Audubon Program

“Cantigny Golf in Wheaton, IL has been a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary since 1993. In an effort to reduce the amount of chemical input in our ponds, we decided to give Sonic Solutions a try. Planktonic and filamentous algae had always been a big problem in our irrigation pond which is replenished with nutrient rich reclaimed water. After installing the Sonic Solutions devices, we no longer struggle with copious amounts of foul smelling and unattractive algal blooms in this 6 acre pond. Sonic Solutions has provided us with a great environmentally friendly tool to help us keep this challenging pond looking great!”

Scott A. Witte, CGCS
Cantigny Golf
Wheaton, IL


Storm Water and Cooling Water Retention Pond
3M logo

“SonicSolutions is helping 3M keep our storm water and cooling water retention pond clear of algae. The system is very user friendly!”

Brittany Williams, Project Engineer


Golf Course
Before-After SonicSolutions at Mirabel

“With the improved water quality thanks to SonicSolutions, we now have a young bald eagle has made Mirabel his favorite fishing hole. The eagle soaring around the course has excited our members and has clearly displayed the benefits of water clarity.”

Jeff Goren, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Operations
Mirabel Golf Club
Scottsdale, AZ


Waste Water Lagoon System

“ERH Enterprises,Inc., is a contractor operator for several municipal, commercial and industrial waste water treatment systems in east central Illinois, as well as several municipal potable water treatment systems.

One of our facilities is dual stage aerated lagoon system with intermittent sand filtration. One of the challenges we have always faced with this facility is controlling the algae growth in the summer months. This presented issues not only with suspended solids compliance in the effluent,but also with the maintenance of the filters.

When I first heard about the ultra sound process, I was quite skeptical, but was convinced by the team at SonicSolutions to lease a unit for a 90-day trial period. The results that were achieved during this period were so good, that at the conclusion of the trial period, we purchased the unit. We have since purchased a second unit and are now utilizing them in each of the two-aerated lagoons. The effluent coming off of the second lagoon is so good, that we no longer need to use the intermittent sand filters to achieve outstanding quality in the plants final effluent.

I have been in the waste water field for over 40 years and I can honestly say that I have never seen a lagoon system produce such a high quality of effluent as I have seen since we began using SonicSolutions ultra-sound products.”

John McBride, Vice President/Director of Operations
E.R.H. Enterprises, Inc.
Westville, IL


Catfish Farm

“I really didn’t think that the SonicSolutions device would reduce the algae in my ponds enough to affect the geosmin, but I’m happy to say that it definitely has. SonicSolutions has reduced the occurrence of “off flavor” that prevented me from harvesting on a regular basis!”

Jerry Jones
Catfish Farm


Fish Farm

“I’ve seen a lot of products that promised to control algae, but don’t. SonicSolutions is showing some of the more dramatic results of all the products I’ve tried.”

Wendell Schmidt
Schmidt Fish Farms, Inc.
Clarksdale, Mississippi



“We have used two sonic units for 4 years and have had no algae blooms!”

Alan Hitchcook
Caribou Utilities District
Caribou, ME


Waste Water Lagoons

“We have struggled keeping our lagoon system in compliance for years. Our TSS and BOD numbers were up near 200 each in the summer months.

When I learned about SonicSolutions, I was very skeptical but thought I’d learn more. After talking with them, I felt that we should try the 90 day trial.

During the heat of the summer we saw results in just weeks! Before the end of the summer our TSS and BOD were in the teens!

The only thing different we did was use the SonicSolutions ultrasonic devices! I can’t say enough or be happier with the results we’ve had using SonicSolutions!”

Scott Palmer
Vaughn Cascade County and Sewer District
Vaughn, MT



“The SS-500 eliminated the algae in our pond in less time than we were told it would take. It has turned into a very wise cost-effective measure for keeping the pond algae free. With little or no maintenance it has performed very well. It was less costly and less hazardous than chemical alternatives.”

Paul Ryburn
Huntsville, AL



“When we were approached about the SonicSolutions Algae Control System, we questioned its ability to work for us. After a lot of research, our water district decided to try one. After about 2 weeks we started seeing a difference in our holding pond. The algae blooms were getting less and less.

In the summer, when it was so hot out, we kept hearing about how bad others were having algae blooms. They were complaining how their ponds were solid with the blooms. Our pond had very little on it.

After discussing with my Board of Directors about how great it worked, they decided to purchase another one. We fell this was a great investment. A nice (sonic) SOLUTION… a fix without more chemicals!”

Rick Titus
Rural Water District 6 FR. Co.
Rantoul, KS



“It’s too bad I didn’t know about SonicSolutions and their algae thumper before I spent thousands of dollars dumping in dyes, chemicals and buying a aerator and fountain to fight algae. What a difference your algae thumper makes.”

James Fetterhoff, Sr.
Midway Supermarket
Hegins, PA



“We have a 1 acre pond 25 miles from NYC in Northern Jew Jersey. A hidden spot with a 25 foot water fall. Because of changes upstream over the past 10 years we have been getting more and more algae (stringy). From mid-May until the end of July we would rake the beach area and put chemicals down which helped a little. This year mid-may we mounted the SonicSolutions unit in 4 feet of water covering 3/4 of the pond. No algae — even in the spillway — which was always caked. The pond itself is 20 ft deep in center.”

Shep Belyea
Belyea Power
Riverdale, NJ


Potable Water Ground Storage Tanks

“The City of Port Orange, Florida has 3 large potable water ground storage tanks in service. (One two million gallon, One 1.5 million gallon, and another 1 million gallon) With our warm temperatures in Florida we found that increasing free Ammonia levels from our combined disinfectant residual would rapidly develop biofilm and Nitrification in each of these tanks. This would result in our having to take these tanks off line 3 to 4 times a year for a week or two at a time and superchlorinate them. This continued until we decided to add Sonic Solutions SS500 units, solar tank mixers, and disinfectant monitoring equipment.

Now after 4 years we have not had to take these tanks offline once to address Nitrification and we have been able to maintain optimum combined residuals and free Ammonia levels to date. I am strongly persuaded that the Sonic Solutions ultrasonic units offer a first line defense against the formation of biofilm and ground storage tank Nitrification.”

Steven Miller, Chief Operator, Water Production
Port Orange Florida Potable Water Plant
Port Orange, Florida