Introducing the NEW Mezzo DB and Quattro DB!

SonicSolutions is proud to announce two new products for distribution.

These new ultrasound systems for non-chemical algae control emit over 2,000 frequencies, making it the most efficient ultrasound product in the marketplace. Additional frequencies that can break down the algal cells lead to a more rapid control and eradication of algae in the pond.

The Mezzo DB unit can cover up to 17+ acres with one unit, and the Quattro DB generates signal to reach upwards of 124 acres! These are the largest ultrasound units available today!

Efficient on most blue-green and green algae types, the Mezzo DB (for smaller ponds) and the Quattro DB (for larger and municipal applications) are easy to install, maintain and can run on AC or DC power.

Various Solar options are also available.

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