Ineffective Chemical Treatments Replaced With SonicSolutions


Even with chemical treatments, algae was a problem before installing SonicSolutions Algae Control. The irrigation pond at Key West Golf Club was constantly covered even though they had a company treat the ponds monthly. The superintendent would also treat the ponds the weeks the company wasn’t there. They had little to no success in the irrigation pond….

Keywest Before

Problem – SOLVED!

….until they installed the SS-600 (old unit model) in 2012. (Upgraded to Quattro-DB® in 2017). Key West Golf Club did not know what to expect, but they were hopeful that the ultrasound units would alleviate most of the problems. They were a bit skeptical, but willing to try anything. Today, the two ponds with the ultrasound units receive little to no additional treatment and they continue to use copper in the other ponds.

Keywest After (1)


  • Algae Identified as: Kirchneriella, Microcystis & Cladophora
    • PLEASE NOTE: ultrasound is not effective in controlling Cladophora, which is why supplemental treatments were needed
  • Decreased Chemical/Copper usage for treatment
  • Decreased labor/man hours required for maintenance of the ponds

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