Prevention of Seasonal Algae Issues In Source Water


Season algae issues occur with a Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) growth in the Attalla, MS Source Water. The Source is Big Black River, which leads into a 60 Day pond, then to a 7 day pond. Previously, they had not been able to apply traditional treatments, and the algae growth was increasingly worse every year.

The growth began in the 60 day pond, where the nutrients from the agricultural run-off are consumed. The algae rapidly grows in the shallow water of the 7-day pond where the optimal conditions exist for proliferation.

Problem – SOLVED!

On 2/13/2017, SonicSolutions SS-600 ultrasound unit was installed in the 7 day pond. A 90-day trial had begun and the results became apparent after the first month. A small algae bloom had developed and the dead algae was noted floating on the surface.

This device is proven to be effective for a low cost treatment of Blue-Green Algae and Green Algae in surface water.


  • Decreased TOC in water treatment plant inlet water
  • Decreased labor in Clarifier operations
  • Decreased chemical consumption
  • Decreased Maintenance in Raw Water Supporting Systems
  • Substantial financial savings

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