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The SolaRaft-QDB™ is the most powerful and efficient ultrasound system in the world. This complete system includes a 180 watt Solar Panel system, backup rechargeable batteries, Navigation lights, bird deterrent, and accompanying Single *Quattro-DB® ultrasound unit. Its patent pending 360° coverage range of over 120 acres with a single ultrasound unit, is the largest range of any ultrasound unit. The SolaRaft-QDB™ is perfect for large drinking water and recreational lakes and reservoirs, large irrigation basins, and those remote areas where electric is not an option.


The Quattro-DB® ultrasound unit: Quattro (four) and DB (Dual bandwidth) is a patent pending ultrasound unit consisting of four piezos, emitting ultrasound signal in four directions, allowing for 360° coverage with a single unit.

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Mezzo (Bi-Directional) and DB (Dual bandwidth) offers features not found before in these types of devices. The bi-directional sound output is achieved with just one piezo sound emitter that operates in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower band-width and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth.

A Single Mezzo-DB™ unit can cover upwards of 7 acres with a single unit!

Shore Solar Panel System

The Shore Solar Panel System comes with either a 60 Watt or 180 Watt panel system, and can run up to two Quattro-DB ultrasound units. These systems come with a backup battery system, and are great for any location where electric is not available, or you simply want to run a more green option!  

Cables & Plug Options

Each unit comes with a custom length (in 5 or 10M increments) which are connected with a 5-prong quick-release connector. As these units are designed to be center-installed in the body of water as they emit soundwaves in either 360° or Bi-directional coverage. Please contact a SonicSolutions Algae Control representative to discuss how to measure the proper cable length for your installation.

SonicSolutions Algae Control provides any type of plug and power necessary: 120v AC, 230V AC, 24v AC/DC, and Solar.

Please specify which PLUG OPTION when ordering.