WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000™ stands ready prevents biofilm formation

The WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000 reliably and continuously prevents the formation of harmful biofilm on underwater surfaces. WaterIQ Technologies’ BioPulse 1000TM, is an ultrasonic biofilm appliance that prevents biofilm formation on underwater surfaces and thereby deprives downstream invasive species such as zebra mussels of their food supply. The BioPulse 1000 represents the industry’s first purpose-built […]

The WaterIQ Technologies Pulsar™ family of ultrasound algae remediation appliances, designed to stop algae in its tracks

The WaterIQ Technologies Pulsar family reliably and continuously defends against algae and plays an essential part in restoring water to its natural state. WaterIQ Technologies’ Pulsar family of algae remediation ultrasonic appliances is ready to place an all-out assault on algae without resorting to chemicals. The Pulsar family represents the industry’s next-generation ultrasonic algae defense […]

WaterIQ Technologies™ Sentinel AIQ™ – Guarding our waters against algae, day and night

WaterIQ Technologies’ Sentinel AIQ is ready to defend water against algae while helping preserve everything else that is right. Sentinel represents the industry’s next-generation solar-powered ultrasonic floating algae remediation solution. While some might only see a buoy affixed with sophisticated technology and onboard solar power, we know it to be a loyal defender. It is […]