The WaterIQ Technologies Pulsar™ family of ultrasound algae remediation appliances, designed to stop algae in its tracks

The Pulsar 3000 and 4000 appliances use next-generation advancements in ultrasonic technology, fabrication, and IoT technology to advance the fight against algae. Both feature 360° coverage models, with the Pulsar 3000 covering less distance, making it ideal for applications such as clarifiers, small lakes and ponds, and golf courses. The Pulsar 4000 covers a more significant range and is ideally suited for larger lakes, drinking water treatment reservoirs, and wastewater treatment lagoons. In addition, the Pulsar 3000+ and Pulsar 4000+ introduce onboard IoT and telemetry support, enabling units to transit data from the water to the Cloud, including the unit’s location and operational status.

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