What They’re Saying

SonicSolutions was not only the most environmentally friendly way to rid our pond of algae, it was also the most cost-effective.

Crofton Country Club Pond

Phillip J. White – Crofton Country Club Crofton (MD)

SonicSolutions is a great way to control algae without introducing chemicals into the vineyard environment.

Benzinger Vineyard

Chris Benziger- Benziger Family Winery (CA)

A SonicSolutions system was installed at one of our surface water treatment plants producing drinking water. The device controlled algae growth on the walls of the sedimentation basin after discontinuing the pre-chlorine step to reduce the formation of disinfection by products during water treatment. It was a successful treatment change.

Christian J. Volk – Virginia-American Water (VA)

The technology is too titillating to ignore. We were confident enough in noting less buildup with summer algae on basin walls that we purchased two units after the trial period. We are extending out testing. So far the results are positive and we are looking at a future purchase of more units outfitting all our water treatment sedimentation basins.

Searcy Basins Algae Testing

Scotty Boggs – Searcy Water Utility (AR) - Searcy Water Utility

“We were all skeptical when we installed the unit into this Destine pond on April 1. We checked the results of the device on April 15, and to our surprise the pond was perfectly clean. The bottom of the pond that was covered with mats peeling off the bottom was now a nice sand bottom; the large masses of Lyngbia floating on the surface were gone. We have tried many new products over the years but this device really seems to be a useful tool in the war on algae. The device is very easy to install, only needs a 120V outlet, and is surprisingly small, so is not highly visible to the average passerby.”

Resident (FL)

All of us are very pleased with our SonicSolutions Algae Control devices. We have not needed to use any chemicals for algae control in our ponds — even through the hottest months of the summer! Today, we have 21 SonicSolutions units, including 12 solar powered models, controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in an environmentally responsible way.

Indian Wells Golf Course

Rich Carter – Indian Wells Golf Club (CA) - (Former) General Manager

SonicSolutions is a major component of our pond management strategy. For the past several years, our irrigation pond has stayed algae free. SonicSolutions has helped us obtain certification status with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program.

Matthew Ceplo – Rockland Country Club (NY) - Golf Course Superintendent

Our Irrigation pond was constantly covered in green algae even though we had a company come monthly to treat the ponds. I would also treat the ponds the weeks the company wasn’t there. We had little to no success in our pond until we installed a sonar from SonicSolutions…The two ponds we have sonar in receive little to no treatment at all while we still use copper sulphate regularly in the other ponds.

Key West Golf Club before SonicSolutions

Key West Golf Club after SonicSolutions

Eric Harchuska – Key West Golf Club (FL) - Superintendent